Dry&Clean Professional Laundry is a modern, certified dry cleaning and water laundry with many years of experience in the industry, operating in Warsaw and the surrounding areas. The company provides a full range of highest QUALITY comprehensive laundry services for retail and business customers.

Professionalism, safety, advanced technology, flexibility in operation, and cooperation with world leaders in the laundry industry create the foundation of our success and enable us to exceed customers' expectations and raise the prevailing standards. Our philosophy has been recognized by the media in the form of many interviews and articles dedicated to the laundry industry.

Dry&Clean Laundry makes every effort to take care of every aspect of its operations, including knowledge of laundry, continuous development, and training of employees, the selection of applied technology, numerous certifications, responsible action towards the natural environment, and financial reliability towards our business partners. An area that we pay particular attention to is excellent customer service and the Dry&Clean brand image, both online and in the real market environment.

Why Dry&Clean laundry?

Our mission is to provide services at the highest level using the latest available technology for complete customer satisfaction.

By combining the passion and professional knowledge of our employees backed by numerous certifications and diplomas in the field of textile clothing cleaning and professional customer service with the highest attention to detail throughout the cleaning process, we can meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. We are also a participant in the "Rzetelna Firma" program.

Safety, Responsibility and Development

To ensure maximum safety and your comfort when entrusting us with your belongings, our team of employees consists of specialists with many years of experience in the laundry industry, and the cyclical training program guarantees their high competence. The laundry team regularly participates in the trade fairs and conferences of the Polish Laundry Association Polish Laundry Association, tracking the latest trends in the laundry and textile industry.
In our work, we use branded washing agents that are ruthless for dirt but safe for fabrics and the environment. The laundry uses technology that guarantees full biocidal action against all viruses, including the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. In addition, the company has appropriate third-party liability insurance in case of accidental damage to the entrusted assortment.

Advanced Technology

Dry&Clean Laundry is equipped with modern and professional laundry equipment with a patented continuous distillation solution of the cleaning agent, which guarantees excellent cleanliness of your wardrobe every time.
The entire process of dosing chemical agents is fully automated by the modern SAD system, which ensures high quality, control, and full repeatability of the effect. The modern machine park is complemented by branded and professional washing agents, dermatologically tested, and approved for circulation in the European Union. The used agents do not contain parabens and phosphates and are highly biodegradable.
We draw on the experiences of global leaders in the laundry industry such as Techno-Dry, Primus, Pony, GMP, and Renzacci. We constantly monitor the latest global trends and seek innovative solutions to improve the quality of our work. The entire machine park is under the continuous supervision of an authorized service.

Environmental Care

We work with respect for the natural environment, using devices with low electricity, water, and chemical consumption. Our machine park meets rigorous EU environmental protection requirements. We have been registered in the BDO database of the Ministry of Environment.
The laundry has the necessary permits and certificates allowing for safe laundry services. We responsibly dispose of all production waste in accordance with applicable law and participate in the Nature-Friendly Company program.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our many years of experience have been repeatedly recognized by numerous state institutions and commercial entities from various industries such as gastronomy, hotel industry, laboratory and manufacturing industries, service companies, and the broad beauty industry. Evidence of the high quality of services provided by the Dry&Clean laundry team are numerous references available on the website https://www.dry-clean.pl/en/reference/

In the consumer market, we have been appreciated by our customers through the Google service in the form of the highest number of recommendations for our services among all laundries in Warsaw and a high rating on the five-point Google scale.

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