The Dry&Clean cleaner’s is a modern laundering enterprise with many years of experience on the market and a broad product range.

Deriving from the best global models and own experience gained throughout many years of operating, the cleaner’s has set a new, higher standard in the laundering industry. We believe that the appearance and softness of your clothes is important and the appropriate cleaning process allows you to enjoy them for a!


Our mission is to render services of the top quality using the latest available technology in order to ensure full satisfaction of our clients.

Timeliness, reliability and profesjonalizm is the foundation on which we build Our services.

Combining passion and professional knowledge of our employees, confirmed with numerous certificationsand diplomas in the scope of cleaning textiles and leather with the ultimate attention to each detail in the entire process of cleaning, we are able to meet your requirements and the highest standards.


In order to ensure you the maximum protection and convenience while entrusting us your clothing, each employee has relevant certificate, which guarantees his/her high professional competences.

While rendering our services we use only certified washing agents uncompromising against stains and safe for clothing.

Moreover, the Dry&Clean cleaner’s holds relevant third-party liability insurance against accidental damage ofthe clothing.


The Dry&Clean cleaner’s is fitted with modern and professional laundering equipment with patented solutionrelated to continuous distillation of washing agent, which ensures excellent cleanliness of your clothing at all times.

In laundering we use purpose-softened technology water which significantly increases the result of washing and extend the textil life-span.

We use only name branded and professional chemicals dermatologically examind and authorised in the European Union. Our chemicalls do not content parabens and phosphate and are „ready biodegradability”.

We take advantage of such global leaders of the cleaning industry as Techno-Dry, Primus, Pony and GMP. All the time we follow the latest international trends and seek innovative solutions increasing the quality of our services.


We work with respect for the natural environment, using the energy-, water- and chemicals-efficient equipment. Our machinery resources meet strict requirements of the environmental protection provided for by the European Union. Our company was written to BDO register in Ministry of Enviroment.

Dry&Clean laundry hold all required permissions and safety certificates s a conditio of being allowed to provide the legal and safe dry and washing services. Any hazardous wastes are disposed of in accordance with local requirements. We are proud to be a member of Enviromental Friendly Company program.
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