Our services include:

  • Cleaning of tailored and elegant wardrobe
  • Washing of down, membrane, and sleeping bags
  • Clothing, sleeping bags, and outdoor equipment impregnation
  • Shirts washing and ironing
  • Cleaning of wedding, evening, and communion dresses
  • Professional washing and pressing of gastronomic and bedding linen
  • Comforters, pillows, and merino wool washing
  • Professional carpet cleaning
  • Tent and awning washing
  • Cleaning of suitcases and backpacks
  • Washing of curtains and blinds
  • Pressing of curtains and blinds on a hanging rail at the client's premises
  • Leather, fur, and sheepskin wardrobe cleaning
  • Work clothes washing
  • Sale of original German chemicals
  • Door-to-door laundry service
We issue VAT invoices.
Laundry on demand (phone orders).


Proofing restores the primary appearance of clothes to a considerable extent. It reduces crumpling and restores moisture-, water- and windproof properties. Proofing is intended for sportswear and/or clothes with windproof or waterproof membranes. Each time, in the course of cleaning, the original proofing is washed out of the material, which considerably reduces primary properties of the fabric. That is why in order to retain original parameters of material, proofing should be renewed, applied each time during the cleaning of clothing.


Is a process of dressing fabrics. The service restores the primary appearance and shape of clothes to a considerable extent. Finishing revives colors, especially dark colors, reduces crumpling and possibility of stains deeply penetrating the fabric. The best results are achieved by applying the finishing during cleaning, which allows you to enjoy the appearance of your favorite clothes longer!

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