Laundry Price List Warsaw

Suit/Tuxedo 73,90 PLN
Three-piece suit 90,90 PLN
Jacket/Blazer 39,90 PLN
Pants/Trousers 34,90 PLN
Skirt 34,90 PLN
Dress 37,90 PLN
Vest 19,90 PLN
Tie 18,90 PLN
Sweater 23,90-29,90 PLN
Jacket/Windbreaker 39,90 PLN
Insulated jacket 49,90 PLN
Down jacket 59,90 PLN
Coat/Overcoat 44,90 PLN
Insulated coat 54,90 PLN
Down coat 69,90 PLN
Shirt 15,90 PLN
Shirt ironing 10,90 PLN
Hat 15,90 PLN
Artificial fur 59,90 PLN
Eco-leather 59,90 PLN
Leather/Fur from 99,90 PLN
Wedding dress 249,90-349,90 PLN
Evening dress 59,90-89,90 PLN
Sleeping bag 59,90 PLN
Down sleeping bag 69,90 PLN
Blanket/Throw from 34,90 PLN
Quilt/Duvet from 59,90 PLN
Pillow 35,90 PLN
Quilt/Mattress (merino wool) 89,90 PLN
Washing (per kg) 14,90 PLN
Washing and drying (per kg) 17,90 PLN
Curtain (per square meter) 8,90 PLN
Drape (per square meter) 10,90 PLN
Carpet cleaning (per square meter) 34,90 PLN
Finishing 9,90 PLN
Impregnation from 21,90 PLN

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*Does not apply to PHONE WASHING service, ironing and carpet washing.


The price list for laundry services can seem complicated and, in some cases, raise questions about the pricing of a particular item. Below, we will try to explain some of the issues related to the price list for laundry services.

The amount and method of pricing a laundry order depends on:

  • The type of clothing - Different types of clothing require a different approach to their conservation, the use of different technology or consist of different stages. Simple clothing items such as T-shirts, shirts or fleeces are relatively straightforward and do not require a large amount of resources and time to look like new again, so the cost of washing them is low. However, cleaning a suit, dress, coat, or wedding gown requires a significantly greater amount of work, resources, machines, and knowledge, so the prices for these services are correspondingly higher.
  • The method of pricing - while in the case of clothing, the laundry service price list is based on the number of items, for curtains, drapes, flags, carpets, or tents, the pricing is based on the square meter. There is also a group of items that depend on weight in the laundry service price list and are expressed in kilograms. This type of pricing is used for bedding, gastronomic linen, or just the ironing service.
  • The type of technology used - the laundry has many washing options in its range, ranging from water washing, through chemical cleaning, steam washing, to hand washing in the case of some exceptionally delicate items. The type of technology used directly affects the final cost of the laundry service. However, the cost of washing may be much lower than in the current laundry price list. Read more about ways to save money on laundry in the next answer.

It is completely understandable that everyone would like to spend less and buy more for the same amount of money. Dry&Clean Laundry, catering to both regular customers and those who visit us from time to time, has prepared two simple options to reduce the cost of our services:

  • Permanent Customer Card - a customer using the laundry services can purchase a Permanent Customer Card for a symbolic amount that entitles them to a 10% discount regardless of the amount, type, or frequency of laundry being submitted. The card is valid indefinitely, and cardholders also participate in additional promotions dedicated exclusively to Dry&Clean Laundry cardholders.
  • Every 5th Piece Free - this is a way of saving for customers who use the laundry less frequently and for those who submit a large portion of their wardrobe and/or household items to the laundry. Every 5th piece is washed for free. So, if you bring us 15 pieces of clothing, we will wash 3 of them completely for free. There is no limit to the number of pieces or the frequency of using the promotion. If you visit us infrequently, bring at least 5 pieces of laundry to wash. In the case of identical items, savings can even reach 20%. Check it out for yourself.
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