Laundry on Calling

Laundry on the Phone is a proposal that meets your expectations.

The offer is addressed to active, busy people who value their free time.

We carry out orders from individual clients in Warsaw and the surrounding area.

Laundry pickup within a maximum of 24 hours from the moment of ordering the service.

The time of service delivery depends on the quantity and type of items provided.

The Laundry on the Phone service is dedicated to both retail and corporate customers.

Do you like convenience? Do you still lack time? Order the Laundry on the Phone service.

How does it work?

Order a service via phone or e-mail
The cleaner’s driver will collect your clothing from you on a previously determined date
The driver will issue acknowledgment of receipt of the clothing
Standard time for rendering service is 48h (depending on the amount and type of delivered clothing)
Payment in cash upon collecting the clothing
Selected items may be delivered to other location upon client’s request

Transport is FREE OF CHARGE for a service of the value above PLN 150.

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