Work clothing

Dry&Clean Laundry is a professional laundry service for washing work clothing. The entire process of washing is adjusted to the type of dirt resulting from the customer industry.

We offer comprehensive cleaning of work and protective clothing of various types:

  • clothing of production workers
  • clothing of hotel, restaurant workers
  • catering and cooking clothing
  • cleaning staff clothing
  • clothing of mechanical service personnel
  • medical and nursing personnel clothing
  • promotional, event and advertising clothing
  • special orders

By entrusting us with the clothing of your employees, you will give it to the experienced professionals who will do everything possible to make the cleanliness and aesthetics of your team's clothing a showcase of your company. Depending on the customer's activity, each time the clothing is subjected to temperature or chemical disinfection. We provide pickup and delivery of clothes with our own transport. More than 100 companies and budget institutions have trusted us.

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