Washing tent 16,90 PLN/m²
Tent impregnation 14,90 PLN/m²

Washing of tents

Dry&Clean laundry has been successfully developing tent washing technologies since its formation. Currently, we offer our customers a professional cleaning service of all types of tents:

  • Garden tents
  • Tents for banquets and catering tents
  • Trade, event and exhibition tents
  • Tourist tents
  • Tents of other types

Due to the very wide range of tents available on the market, the service is priced individually. The tent can be subjected to the IMPREGNATION process upon request.

The final effect of the service is a clean and dry tent, impregnated against external factors and protected from dirt by means of laundry foil. By handing us your tent, you give it to the hands of experienced professionals who will subject it to appropriate washing to remove any possible dirt.

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