The offer dedicated to companies and institutions, for which the highest standard of cleanliness, esthetics and hygiene is an every-day issue. We offer comprehensive service along with collection and delivery of the items entrusted to us by our own transportation means.

We render our services for the following clients:

   - Restaurants, canteens and clubs;
   - Hotels, motels, hostels and guesthouses;
   - Wedding venues and reception halls;
   - Laboratories and scientific institutions;
   - Clinics and dental surgeries;
   - Fitness clubs and body building gyms;
   - Beauty and massage salons;
   - Carwashes and mechanical plants;
   - Kindergartens and schools;
   - Offices and stores;
   - Theatres and costume rentals;

  In each case, the Price, Scope of the Service
  and Time of its completion will be determined individually.

Cooperation with us is a pure pleasure

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