Professional carpet cleaning Warsaw

1. Inspection of a carpet - Inspection of a carpet by a technologist and selection of the best and safe method of cleaning (in water, dry foam extraction cleaning or dry cleaning).

2. Mechanical carpet beating - Mechanical carpet beating with the speed of 40,000 vibrations per second and carpet vacuum cleaning, i.e. removing insoluble stains such as dirt, dust, hair, etc.

3. Initial spraying and rubbing - Initial spraying and rubbing safe but strong dirt dissolving agent by using cylindrical and disc machines.

4. Washing - Placing the carpet in a tank filled with water and detergent for washing. The carpet is cleaned deeply and on both sides (which is not possible with a wet vacuum cleaner called Karcher). At this stage, cleaning is done with automatic scrubber or in the case of hand-woven carpets or antiques, cleaning is done with a handbrush.

5. Rinsing - The phase of rinsing the carpet on both sides with vast amounts of running water. This guarantees thorough rinsing of the carpet from Spinning the carpet with a special carpet spinning machine, in which 95% of water and chemical residuals are removed. Spinning prevents fringe discoloration and carpet deformation during drying and helps to raise and put up the nap after cleaning.

6. Drying - Drying the spinned carpet in a special dryer in a vertical position – the time of drying up to 12 hours, and in the case of woolen carpets not more than 24 hours.

7. Final inspection - Final inspection with vacuuming and grooming protective sleeve and prepared for delivery.

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We also provide the service of custom cutting, trimming and strengthening carpets.

Carpet laundering (m²) 34,90 PLN
Cutting (linear metre) 6,00 PLN
Bordering (linear metre) 34,00 PLN
Stiffening (m²) 32,90 PLN
Ozonation (m²) 14,00 PLN
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